Looking to boost your skill-set and add value to your degree? These elective courses and certificate programs are available to UGA students of any major.

Business Electives Offered

You don't have to be a Terry student to take business electives in the these topics:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Music Business
  • Real Estate
  • Risk Management and Insurance

Certificate Programs

  • This certificate program provides the skills needed to start a small business, gain employment with a start-up company, or become a social entrepreneur in the public or non-profit sector. You must be enrolled in the Terry College or the College of Family & Consumer Sciences to apply. 

  • This certificate program prepares you for the complex legal environment of business and helps to gauge your interest in pursuing law school.

  • Actuaries are in high demand. This program gives students the economic, financial, and mathematical skills necessary to succeed in the profession.

  • Through a series of diversity lectures, this certificate equips students with better cross-cultural understanding for their work environment and gives them a competitive advantage in the job search.

  • With a focus on leadership development courses, this year-long certificate program offers student of all majors the chance to add valuable leadership expertise to their résumé.

  • Our entrepreneurship program is based on a multitude of opportunities that give students practical hands-on experience while connecting them with existing start-ups. We also strive to give back to our communities and impact local businesses.

  • The Music Business Program is geared towards those aspiring to be leaders in the music industry. Students get the chance to learn from key industry experts, such as artists and managers, while gaining hands-on experience from coordinating and marketing events, producing content, managing artists, and operating labels.