Year Name Initial Placement Awards
2016 Samuel Hempel Cornell University Finance PhD Program   
2016 Kayla Wilding Bates White Economic Consulting  
2016 Andrew Kane Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors  
2015 Cameron Zahedi Google  
2015 Eilidh Geddes Federal Reserve Bank of New York  
2015 Conor Artman Social Science Research Institute (Duke University)  
2014 Eric Perkerson UGA Mathematics PhD program  
2013 Grant Bickwit Deloitte  
2013 Derek Ponticelli McKinsey  
2012 Patrick Fitzmaurice Boston Consulting Group  
2012 Cindy Lu Cornell University Finance PhD Program  
2011 Stephanie Chapman Northwestern University PhD program  
2011 David Malison University of Chicago PhD program  
2011 Jacob Malone UGA Economics PhD program  
2010 D. Matthew Gibson Ernst & Young  
2009 Jessica Van Parys Columbia University Economics PhD Program National Science Foundation Scholar; Javits Scholar; Marshall Scholarship Finalist
2008 Benjamin Cobb* Promote Africa, Founder Rhodes Scholarship Finalist
2007 Andrew Vesper Harvard University Statistics PhD Program  
2007 Brooks Andrews Lehman Brothers  
2006 Joseph LeCates Cornell University Economics PhD Program Marshall Scholarship First Alternate
2006 Maciej Misztal University of North Carolina Economics PhD Program  
2006 Brian Quinif JP Morgan  
2005 Navid Abghari* JP Morgan  

* Finished all requirements except for the Master's Thesis