Terry College’s office of Undergraduate Student Services & Corporate Relations (USSCR) is committed to making every student Business Ready. What is Business Ready? It’s a competitive edge that you can earn by focusing on professionalism and soft skill development through our year-long program. By completing a handful of required and elective components you equip yourself for success as you start your internship and job search. See below for more details.

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What’s it take to be Business Ready?

It’s simple! There are a few mandatory components and five elective components each semester. The program is designed to be completed over two semesters (not including summer).

It’s easy to track your progress by using this Business Ready Self Tracker

Mandatory Components:

  • Meet with a UGA Career Center Consultant to have your résumé critiqued
  • Participate in Terry PeerLink
  • Sign up for TerryConnect
  • Attend 1 Terry Talk per semester
  • Attend 1 Employer Info Session/Roundtable per semester (Note: This does not include Employer of the Day)
  • Attend 1 Terry Alumni Panel per semester

Five elective programs of your choice per semester. See below for more details.


We recommend starting at the beginning of the fall semester, but you can start at any time. The program is designed to be completed over two semesters (not including summer).
This program is open to all undergraduate students, but we especially encourage intended business students to apply. Since this program builds key foundational skills, you’ll benefit the most if you sign up in your first or second year.

It’s easy! To be considered part of the Business Ready Initiative a program must be sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Student Services & Corporate Relations (USSCR). See the sidebar for upcoming events that are all Business Ready approved. You can also check if past events qualify as an elective by clicking here. Remember, if you’ve already attended one Terry Talk (or Employer Info Session or Terry Alumni Panel), the second Terry Talk (or Employer Info Session or Terry Alumni Panel) counts as an elective! Lastly, remember to register and sign in at each event in order to receive credit and stay up to date by reading This Week@ Terry each Monday for new events!

Additionally, we have partnered with UGA’s Career Center’s Arch Ready Certification and their programs are approved electives. As a bonus: if you enroll in UGA’s Arch Ready Certificate you can work toward both designations at once!

(Note: Events hosted by academic departments, student organizations, and other colleges most likely won’t count for Business Ready unless they are co-sponsored by USSCR and appears on the “Events Feed.”)

Short answer: yes! A Terry Talk, Employer Information Session/Roundtable, or Terry Alumni Panel can count as an elective if you’ve already met your mandatory requirement. In other words, if it’s the second program of its kind that you’ve attended that semester it can count as an elective. You should attend 8 events (three mandatory, three electives) each semester to stay on track; no double-dipping!

First, you’ll want to print a copy of the Self-Tracker and keep up to date on your programs.  You also need to arrive on time and sign in at all programs to make sure you get credit for attending.  If you don’t sign in, you won’t get credit.  Prior registration is requested for most events.

For programs hosted by UGA’s Career Center make sure to follow any additional registration steps they may require.

After you’ve completed all your requirements you’ll need to turn in your Self-Tracker to the Office of Undergraduate Student Services & Corporate Relations (USSCR) for verification purposes. Once the USSCR has verified that you successfully completed the requirements you’ll get a confirmation email.

All students who successfully complete the Business Ready Initiative will be invited to a reception with the Dean held each spring and receive a document of program completion. We also encourage you to add this to your résum&é!

  • Register at the link below — it takes two minutes!
  • Print a copy of your Self-Tracker
  • Start signing up for programs!
  • Check the side bar for upcoming USSCR events
  • Check the Career Center’s webpage for upcoming Arch Ready programs

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