Names of Chairs by Department Chairholder
Earl Davis Chair in Taxation Benjamin Ayers
Herbert E. Miller Chair in Financial Accounting Stephen Baginski
J.M. Tull Chair of Accounting Linda Bamber
Harold M. Heckman Chair of Public Accounting Michael Bamber
James Don Edwards Chair in Corporate Accounting Policy Jennifer Gaver
Nicholas A. Beadles Professor of Economics Arthur A. Snow
Georgia Athletic Association Professorship in the Terry College J. Harold Mulherin
The Georgia Bankers Association Chair of Banking Jeffry Netter
Augustus H. "Billy" Sterne Chair of Banking and Finance Annette Poulsen
Charles S. Sanford Sr. Chair in Business Ralph Steuer
Insurance, Legal Studies, and Real Estate
Daniel P. Amos Distinguished Professorship in Insurance James Michael Carson
Dudley L. Moore Jr. Chair of Insurance Robert Hoyt
C. Herman & Mary Virginia Terry Distinguished Chair of Business Administration Henry Munneke
William Harry Willson Distinguished Chair Jason Alan Colquitt
Synovus Chair in Servant Leadership Daniel C. Feldman
Robert O. Arnold Professorship of Business Robert J. Vandenberg
Management Information Systems
C. Herman & Mary Virginia Terry Distinguished Chair of Business Administration Dale Goodhue
L. Edmund Rast Professor of Business Elena Karahanna
J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy Richard Watson
C. Herman & Mary Virginia Terry Chair of Business Administration Charlotte Mason
The Coca-Cola Company Chair of Marketing Sundar G. Bharadwaj
Emily H. and Charles M. Tanner Jr. Chair in Sales Management John S. Hulland