Photograph of Kathleen Rooney

What drew you to the Music Business Program?

When I knew that I wanted to work in the music industry, I started looking to see if there was a program at UGA. To be honest, I thought the MBUS classes looked interesting, and felt that I needed to be a part of the program.

What is your current involvement in the music industry? What are some of your favorite aspects of your job/internship?

Over the summer, I was the event engagements intern at AC Entertainment. Recently, I worked with them at the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit in Asheville, North Carolina.

What do you enjoy most about the Music Business Program?

I enjoy the fact that I feel like I am learning something that will be useful to my career. I like the professors and the people in my class are awesome. I also love that we have guest speakers from the industry come and talk to us. I can honestly say that I looked forward to going to every class.

What is one music-related goal you would like to accomplish before you graduate?

I am trying to make it to a show at every venue before I leave!

Where do you see yourself in the music industry 10-15 years down the road?

I hope to be established with a promotion company. I would also like to start a music festival. It’s on my to do list.