Author: Ed Morales


Justine Avoudikpon could be just about anywhere.

The 2017 finance graduate might be in New York for a conference, at her home in California, meeting investors in Boston or on a campus in Georgia, extolling the virtues of her app Swifte which — you guessed it — helps people find easier and cheaper ways to get from one place to another.

She was on a study abroad in France when she thought: “How can I get to Atlanta from Athens if I have no car and don’t want to ride the bus?” She paired with UCLA student Sofia Demay to develop the carpooling app which avoids the contractor-client aspects defining Uber and Lyft.

Swifte was among the country’s top eight new student apps to be invited to SXSW to pitch their business at the Student Startup Madness finals.

“Getting those connections and referrals makes the app more official,” Avoudikpon says. “We’re happy to have a product that is working. Now we’re focused on a marketing campaign to get exposed to all universities.”

And if she has a problem catching a ride to those universities, she knows where to look.