Author: Ed Morales


The benefits are boundless.

There’s the Terry Women’s Initiative, a program committed to the recruitment, retention and advancement of students through their college careers and beyond, and since its inception has helped hundreds of women achieve academic and career goals.

Or the Entrepreneurship Program, giving students the tools they need to turn ideas into start-up ventures making a difference in the marketplace.

It could be the hiring of a rock-star professor, providing scholarship support or paying for students’ international learning experiences.

A college sometimes doesn’t know what it needs until it needs it, and a commitment to its future takes preparation and flexibility. The Shareholders’ Society offers just that, giving donors the ability to assist Terry in appropriately responding to opportunities with versatile funds available for a variety of uses.

The gifts support the Terry College of Business Endowment for Excellence, helping to strengthen a college-wide endowment that is needed to compete effectively with peer and aspirational schools. The new program, set in place for perpetuity, is a top fundraising priority for the college.

Shareholders’ members will have annual meetings and receive endowment reports from the UGA Foundation to follow the fund’s performance. They also will hear from fund recipients to see the rewards of their gifts and enjoy the benefits of having a named fund at the foundation.

Among the members of the first class of the Shareholders’ Society, which includes 10 gifts (one given anonymously), are business leaders who value the inspiration Terry College has made in their lives. By pledging their support, they help secure a long-term investment in the college.

Here’s what they had to say.

Brantley (BBA ’76) and Sharon Barrow (BBA ’76)

It was important to Brantley, former CEO of DPR Hardin Construction, and his wife Sharon that students gain much-needed experience outside a classroom setting. “Our gift to the Endowment for Excellence will allow current and future students to realize experiences beyond the classroom which will allow them to become more knowledgeable and well rounded, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling career,” they say. “With the cutbacks in state funding, we recognize that unrestricted, endowed gifts will give the current and future leaders of Terry the ability to invest in our students where the needs and results are the greatest."

Glenn (BBA ’69) and Nancy Black

“Fortunately, we’re all privileged to be able to support a business school that has already proven itself in terms of the quality of its programs, overall performance, and commitment to its mission,” says Nancy and Glenn, retired CFO of Kennestone Hospital in Marietta. “That established track record makes it easier to offer support in a more general sense and be able to rely in confidence on the university to identify areas of the greatest need and opportunity. The expectations are that the Terry programs and faculty will continue to be highly respected and recognized and its graduates will enjoy a fantastic student experience and achieve success in the business world.”

Grant Garbers(BBA ’86)

“I just hope to play a small part in Terry affording other young people an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and aspirations,” says Grant, managing director of Headwaters MB, about his gift to the Shareholders’ Society in the name of the Garbers family. “I cannot see how the college experience could be any better than at Terry and UGA. I greatly appreciated the willingness of the professors to spend one-on-one time with me as well as support my efforts during my initial job search.”

Suzanne (BBA ’80) and Brad Henke

“I have been very fortunate in my career and in my life and I believe Terry played a big part in that,” says Suzanne, who graduated with a marketing degree. “My time at Terry exposed me to different areas of business and helped me identify many of my likes and dislikes and my strengths and weaknesses. I was challenged and encouraged to explore opportunities. When I entered the business world, I took the lessons I learned from Terry and used them to enjoy a fun, challenging and rewarding career. I now want to give back.”

Mark (BBA ’84) and Andrea Kauffman

For Mark, CEO of Kauffman Tire and first donor to the Shareholders’ Society, his favorite memory of Terry College “was getting into different disciplines in business school and going through real estate, marketing, accounting — learning the different disciplines and being able to see how they clicked when I got out in the business world. You need them all.”

Mark S. Mahoney (BBA ’83)

Mark, co-founder and CEO of Jackrabbit Technologies, is never too far away from the college. “I really enjoyed my time at Terry and have kept in touch with several of my professors over the years,” he says. “I have also been a member of the MIS Advisory Board and really enjoy helping students kick off their career.” He also remembers his time on campus, adding “I remember walking on North Campus in the spring and really enjoying the warmer weather walking from the library to Brooks Hall.”

Kevin Marsh (BBA ’77)

“My education at the Terry College provided me with the perfect foundation for my career,” says Kevin, chairman and CEO of SCANA Corp. who was a 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award winner. “While my major was accounting, my exposure to other business disciplines has been invaluable as career opportunities presented themselves. I want my gifts to help other graduates experience these same opportunities and achieve success,” adding “I want my unrestricted gift to help ease this burden for deserving students.”

Bonney Shuman(BBA ’80)

Bonney, whose gift is in the name of the Shuman family, is co-founder of Stratix Holding Corp. and served as its chairman and CEO. She remembers her time at Terry fondly and wants future generations to benefit from what it has to offer. “One of the greatest memories is from passing statistics (darn that was hard!),” she says. “I did love my commodities class because we worked as a ‘team,’ which was a nice change, and we got ‘real world’ experience rather than just information from a book. ... I’d like to see Terry have an endowment that puts the college in a better position, I’d like to see Terry continue to develop innovative offerings for our students so that they are better prepared for life after graduation.”

Travis (BBA ’75, MAcc ’77) and Margaret Storey (BBA ’75)

“Both of us have had very successful careers which have surpassed our dreams and expectations,” says Travis, who was the office managing partner of both Arthur Andersen’s and KPMG’s Jacksonville offices, and Margaret, who was an executive with Barnett Bank and Bombardier. “We feel very fortunate that our experience at Terry provided a strong foundation and prepared both of us to be very successful, not only from a technical standpoint but from an interpersonal and leadership perspective as well. We feel that we owe a great deal of our success to Terry and we are very fortunate to be able to give back.”