Financial Crisis Panel
(From left) Professors Bill Lastrapes, Jim Kau, and Chris Stivers shared their perspectives on the current financial crisis.

On October 8 the Terry College sponsored a panel discussion of the current financial crisis. The panelists — Professors Bill Lastrapes (Economics), Jim Kau (Real Estate) and Chris Stivers (Finance) — addressed a standing-room only crowd of over 400 gathered in SLC 101 to hear "what just happened". Or, as Lastrapes correctly put it, "what is going on".

What is going on, indeed. Invoking a baseball metaphor, the panel moderator, Chris Cornwell (Economics), made it clear we are only in the first inning of the crisis. By now it is probably fair to say that we have moved to the middle of the second. Even with the series of actions taken by the Treasury and Federal Reserve over the last several weeks, much uncertainty remains about the course the economy will take. One thing is certain Lastrapes said, "The question [about whether there will be a recession] is no longer if; the question is how long and how deep."

Listen to the podcast of the panel discussion.

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