• Sara Diehl

    Sara Diehl


    If campus tour guide Sara Diehl is the first impression a visitor or prospective student has of the campus, they surely will return. The Terry Ambassador loves UGA…and Athens.

  • Trey Sinyard

    Trey Sinyard


    With a spectrum of public service under his belt and a double major in biology and banking & finance on the horizon, Trey Sinyard looks to bring his love for mankind to the healthcare sector.

  • Adria Thorington

    Adria Thorington


    Combining her interests in business and art history, Adria Thorington won a scholarship to study abroad in Florence, Italy, where she took courses in business and explored a city known for its art.

  • Jason Schwartz

    Jason Schwartz


    Trolling the UGA Career Center’s job board sparked a chain reaction that turned a summer internship for Jason Schwartz into a full–time job with Marathon Petroleum after graduation.

  • Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders


    Elected chapter president as a sophomore, Sanders made all of his hard work on behalf of the Society for Management Information Systems look deceptively easy.

  • Trinton Sturdivant

    Trinton Sturdivant


    A highly touted football player, Sturdivant’s academic side has flourished at Terry, where he is set to graduate in December with a double major in finance and management.

  • Blake Mitchell

    Blake Mitchell


    After he graduates in December, Mitchell hopes to use his academic training in mass media arts and business and his two summers interning in Los Angeles to fuel his dream of making films.

  • Tim Ludwick

    Tim Ludwick


    As MBA Finance Club president, Ludwick organized a three-day trip to New York City for first-year MBA students to get more familiar with what career options they might have in corporate finance.

  • Haley Donahue

    Haley Donahue


    After a rude awakening to the realities of college, Donahue found the motivation to take on new challenges. And for this Terry Ambassador, the end of the story is better than she ever imagined.

  • Charisse Price

    Charisse Price


    Charisse Price is one of only 45 people nationwide to be selected this year to participate in the prestigious, 14-month National Urban Fellows leadership development program.