• John Campbell


    There’s a stereotype of the introverted, dull accountant. Then there’s John Campbell, associate professor of accounting in the Terry College of Business. The two couldn’t be more different – and he has the data to prove it.

  • Digital marketing program


     Two years ago, 17 students comprised Terry’s new Digital Marketing program. Now, thanks to real world clients and a competition judged by marketplace pros, more than 200 students are enrolled in the program — and positioned to land big jobs because of it. 

  • Nick Berente


    MIS professor Nick Berente talks about his favorite books, what interests him about MIS, and what qualities are present in an ideal student. 

  • Laura Zimmermann, assistant professor of economics


    Laura Zimmermann, assistant professor of economics, talks about her classes, her teaching style and what makes for an ideal student. 

  • Annette Poulsen


    Annette Poulsen, the Sterne Chair of Banking and Finance in the finance department, enjoys teaching a broad spectrum of students—from undergraduates in their first semester to graduate students in MBA, Executive MBA and Ph.D. programs.

  • In Their Own Words: John Hulland


    The Terry website and magazine devotes a lot of attention to faculty contributions that impact students, the field of research, and the reputation of the college. An essential part of the college experience is also a student’s personal path to acquire knowledge. 

    John Hulland, the Emily H. and Charles M. Tanner Jr. Chair in Sales Management answers the question "How did your childhood love of playing in the sand contribute to your career?"

  • Craig Piercy

    Business education boldly goes online


    As the director of the Master of Internet Technology program and the first Certified Online Instructor in the Terry College, Craig Piercy is no stranger to teaching students he’s never met.

    In fact, conveying a personal a touch through a computer screen is a specialty of his.

  • Tina Carpenter, associate professor of accounting


    Tina Carpenter, an associate professor in the J.M. Tull School of Accounting, is passionate about her work. Through research and teaching, she strives to help auditors, investors, policymakers, and students better prevent and detect fraudulent financial reporting.

  • Sara Holland


    The "In Their Own Words" series examines some of the more personal paths of faculty at the Terry College. Finance professor Sara Holland answers "Why is reading the newspaper daily so important to you?”

  • Julio Sevilla


    Julio Sevilla brings fresh insights from his consumer behavior research into the classroom, which he says benefits both his students and his research.