• Photo of Bakari Brock

    Bakari Brock


    College band impresario. Harvard Law. Kilpatrick Stockton. YouTube. Google. And now legal counsel to Twitter. At age 30, Bakari Brock's résumé begs the questions, “What sky? What limit?”

  • Photo of Mark Mahoney

    Mark Mahoney (BBA 1983)


    Ex-Gym Dog Mahoney created Jackrabbit Technologies to provide a web-based management and accounts receivable system for dance and martial arts studios, and music and gymnastics schools.

  • Photo of Doug Ivester

    Doug Ivester (BBA 1969)


    The former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company operates Deer Run Plantation in south Georgia. Twice a year, a group of eight Terry students go there to soak up time-honored wisdom amidst the clarity of nature.

  • Photo of Martin Kilgallon

    Martin Killgallon (BBA 1998)


    As senior vice president of marketing and product development for Ohio Art — home of that time-honored kids favorite, the Etch A Sketch — Killgallon spends his days dreaming up the next wave of hot, new toys and then circling the globe to promote them.

  • Photo of John Addison

    John Addison (BBA 1979)


    Four years in the making, Addison and his co-CEO Rick Williams took Primerica public last year. In April 2011, they rang the bell at NYSE, commemorating Primerica Inc.'s initial public offering.

  • Phil Casey

    Phil Casey (BBA 1967)


    Phil Casey’s (BBA ’67) adventure-filled career reads like a best-selling novel, but the international steel executive has lived every minute of it. Even the CIA stuff.

  • Jerry Trapnell

    Jerry Trapnell (PhD 1977)


    As the “chief missionary” for advancing excellence in international management education, Jerry Trapnell (PhD ’77) helps institutions set standards and conduct development programs for faculty and administrators.

  • Christine Shepherd

    Christine Shepherd (BBA 2005)


    Christine Shepherd (BBA ’05) has been busy since graduation, pursuing master’s degrees in Paris and Boston, doing IT work in earthquake–ravaged Haiti, and writing a blog for Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

  • Photo of Doug Benn

    Doug Benn (BBA 1976, MAcc 1982)


    Doug Benn (BBA ’76, MAcc ’82) was attracted to the Cheesecake Factory because it has been entrepreneurially run for 31 years and because the person who started the company was still CEO.

  • Bhupinder Bhalla


    In his post at the Indian embassy in Washington, Bhupinder Bhalla (MBA ’02) is helping the world’s largest democracy flex its new-found economic might.