• Adam Wexler (BBA ‘07)


    Wexler has a knack for creating something valuable before the marketplace knows it’s needed. That’s what he’s done with Insightpool, a social media firm that’s attracted Fortune 500 clients.

  • Digital marketing program


     Two years ago, 17 students comprised Terry’s new Digital Marketing program. Now, thanks to real world clients and a competition judged by marketplace pros, more than 200 students are enrolled in the program — and positioned to land big jobs because of it. 

  • UGA Amazing Student: Derek Hammock


    UGA is in Derek Hammock’s blood. It started when he was 3 as he watched the Bulldogs between the hedges and has continued through his master’s degree, with plenty of experiences, honors and awards in between.

  • Debbie Storey, MBA ‘06


    Effective leaders stick to their values and work hard to make other people’s work better. Those were the messages relayed by Debbie 

  • Kasey Gartner, BBA ‘03


    What do you do when you’re a woman in a competitive, male-dominated industry? If you’re Kasey Gartner (BBA ’03), you blaze a trail to the top – and stay there.

  • Tareq Hawasli


    The road to Damascus wasn’t a figure of speech for Tareq Hawasli (BBA ’02); it was a summer job. The Sandy Springs native is the descendant of Damascene traders, and he earned his first taste of international business on the streets and surrounding neighborhoods of the ancient city at an age when most children were being introduced to reading, writing, and arithmetic.


  • Born to Run


    Andrew Davis (BBA ’01) was taking checkered flags while he was a student at Terry. He met his wife in a Terry lecture hall. And the marketing skills he picked up in a Terry ­classroom have been indispensable in a sport where even champion drivers like Davis have to lobby race team owners and sponsors for financial support.

  • Chris Snyder


    Chris Snyder, BBA '15, is profiled as one of UGA's "15 for 2015"

  • Frank Raiford (BBA ’15)


    Bulldog 100 business owner Frank Raiford's (BBA '15) story is a bit unique. After leaving UGA in 1979 to start his business career - just three credits shy of graduating -- Frank returned this year to graduate alongside his youngest daughter.

  • Harold Black, Terry’s first African-American student


    The first time Harold Black ever spoke to a white person, it was an admissions officer at UGA in 1962.