• Chris Brearton (BBA ‘92)


    A former collegiate swimmer for UGA and certified public accountant with KPMG in Los Angeles, Chris Brearton (BBA ’92) fielded questions at a Terry Leadership Speaker Series event about his failures at networking, why teamwork matters, and the single best lesson he learned at UGA.

  • Kathleen Wilson, economics


    Foundation Fellow Kathleen Wilson has traveled the world and is now working in Washington, D.C., with the U.S. Department of State in preparation for her career advocating for the political, economic and social rights of women and girls worldwide.

  • Bryan Wish, marketing major


    Regret. Success. Heartbreak. Calf braces. These are the topics that are served up every week on The Wish Dish, a new website where college students across the country share personal stories.

    And if it sounds therapeutic, it is.

  • Sara Chamberlain, marketing major


    Sara Chamberlain, a senior majoring in marketing and theatre, says the “choice was clear” to attend UGA, and from the classroom to the stage, she’s made the most of her opportunities.

  • Tina Carpenter, associate professor of accounting


    Tina Carpenter, an associate professor in the J.M. Tull School of Accounting, is passionate about her work. Through research and teaching, she strives to help auditors, investors, policymakers, and students better prevent and detect fraudulent financial reporting.

  • Samuel Kinsman


    Kinsman has worked—and played—hard, studied abroad, tackled internships and served as president of the Corsair Society. His next stop: Wall Street … after one more trip to Europe.

  • Sara Holland


    The "In Their Own Words" series examines some of the more personal paths of faculty at the Terry College. Finance professor Sara Holland answers "Why is reading the newspaper daily so important to you?”

  • Julio Sevilla


    Julio Sevilla brings fresh insights from his consumer behavior research into the classroom, which he says benefits both his students and his research.

  • Kayla Wilding


    How one Terry economics major made it to the White House, the Brookings Institution and, then, back to school.

  • Santanu Chatterjee


    The "In Their Own Words" series examines some of the more personal paths of faculty at the Terry College. Economics professor Santanu Chatterjee answers "What was your undergraduate major and why did you choose it?”