• Stan Johnson


    Stan Johnson is the official "paper pusher" for the Terry College of Business.

  • Elena Karahanna

    Elena Karahanna, the L. Edmund Rast Professor of Business, studies the use of information systems in health care while helping prepare graduate students to conduct high-impact scholarship of their own.


  • John Campbell


    There’s a stereotype of the introverted, dull accountant. Then there’s John Campbell, associate professor of accounting in the Terry College of Business. The two couldn’t be more different – and he has the data to prove it.

  • Kaitlyn Nolley


    From touring at Lloyd’s of London to passing her first actuarial exam, junior Kaitlyn Nolley utilizes Terry programs to pave her career path.

  • Kirby Smart (BBA ’98) and Mary Beth Lycett Smart (BBA ’03)


    Their lives are still in whirlwind mode. But Terry finance grads Kirby Smart (BBA ’98) and Mary Beth Lycett Smart (BBA ’03) have returned to their alma mater in new roles as head coach and ‘First Lady’ of the Georgia football program. If 93K Day is any indication, they’re going to be game-changers.

  • Benjamin Watson (BBA ‘03) and Kirsten Vaughn Watson (BBA ‘03)


    Benjamin Watson (BBA ’03) and Kirsten Vaughn Watson (BBA ’03) were college sweethearts whose devotion to a service-based life may outshine even Benjamin’s exemplary football career. He’s written a new book, and the family’s foundation promotes charitable initiatives and educational opportunities.

  • David (BBA ’86) and Kim Mason Hanna (BBA ’86)


    From David and Kim Mason Hanna’s perspective, the world is getting a lot more entrepreneurial — and they want to help it along. To that end, these two 1986 finance graduates have made a generous gift to UGA’s year-old Entrepreneurship Program.

  • Adam Wexler (BBA ‘07)


    Wexler has a knack for creating something valuable before the marketplace knows it’s needed. That’s what he’s done with Insightpool, a social media firm that’s attracted Fortune 500 clients.

  • Bob Pinckney



    Bob Pinckney (BBA ’82) brings real-world startup experience to the classroom.

  • Digital marketing program


     Two years ago, 17 students comprised Terry’s new Digital Marketing program. Now, thanks to real world clients and a competition judged by marketplace pros, more than 200 students are enrolled in the program — and positioned to land big jobs because of it.