• Sarbanes Oxley Act

    SOX changed corporate boards and director pay


    A new study co-authored by Terry finance professors Jeff Netter and Jim Linck and former doctoral student Tina Yang finds that the landmark Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 — as well as related rule changes at major stock exchanges — have dramatically altered the makeup of corporate boards, making them larger and more independent.

  • Steven Pottier

    Federal charters could save life insurers $5.7 billion annually


    The American Council of Life Insurers recently contracted with Steven Pottier, a Terry College professor of risk management and insurance, to conduct a research study related to the proposed Optional Federal Charter, which is an offshoot of the National Insurance Act of 2006.

  • Matt Weinberg

    Matt Weinberg


    Mergers often leave higher prices in their wake, especially when they involve large consumer product companies. Predicting which mergers will put the biggest squeeze on consumers isn't easy, but antitrust regulators need to do more to protect the public from merger-related price inflation, according to research conducted by Terry economics professor Matt Weinberg.

  • Robert Sumichrast

    Robert Sumichrast


    Sumichrast sees himself not as a CEO but as the leader of a collaborative team that will steer the Terry College on a path to national prominence.

  • Lee Reed

    Lee Reed


    Legal studies professor O. Lee Reed has been appointed to the Robert W. Scherer Chair in Public Affairs at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business.

  • Tina Carpenter

    Tina Carpenter


    Carpenter developed an interest in fraud investigation during her tenure as a senior auditor at Arthur Andersen. She teaches grad students the how-to's of evidence collection.

  • Certified Financial Planners Program

    Certified Financial Planners Program


    The Executive Program for Financial Planning Certification offered by the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business is a registered program of the Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards Inc. The Terry program, which is taught at the Executive Education Center in Atlanta, offers a unique advantage over conventional 18–month pre–certification programs available elsewhere.

  • Balaji Narain

    Balaji Narain


    At a 2007 UGA conference on Jimmy Carter's presidency, Balaji Narain delivered a three-minute presentation that analyzed Carter's economic policies.

  • Kate Vyborny

    Kate Vyborny


    Vyborny is assisting developing nations as a "think and do tank" in D.C.

  • Jim Blanchard

    Terry Leadership Speaker Series


    James H. Blanchard, retired chairman and CEO of Synovus, will present an executive lecture on leadership at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 10, in room 248 of the University of Georgia's Student Learning Center.