• Phillip Mote

    Phillip Mote


    Among his many UGA accomplishments, Phillip Mote founded Mathcounts Outreach, which won the “Best New Organization” in 2009–2010.

  • Michael Pfarrer

    Reputation or Celebrity? A Firm Choice


    In a study of intangible assets, Michael Pfarrer’s research asks whether a company’s strong reputation or celebrity status helps or hurts the market’s reaction when it makes a surprise announcement about earnings.

  • Tao Shu

    The Dark Side of Financial Markets


    Tao Shu and his colleagues employed exhaustive research methods to look for evidence of insider trading in six years of data on each trade of NASDAQ stock and found the misuse of information seems to be very rare.

  • New Economics Faculty

    Terry welcomes new members of the economics faculty


    The Economics Department welcomes five new faculty to the Terry College this fall: Berrak Bahadir, Tina Marsh, Katherine McClain, Ian Schmutte, and William Vogt.

  • Charlotte Mason

    Charlotte Mason


    Department Head Charlotte Mason directs the Master of Marketing Research program, which attracts graduate students from all across the country. “I believe we have the best program going,” Mason says. “It’s certainly the longest running.”

  • Anne Ruth Moore

    2010 Professional Women’s Conference


    When Anne Ruth Moore graduated from the School of Commerce in 1922, she faced all sorts of workplace stereotypes – even in the yearbook! “Today we know, for instance, that more businesses are launched by women than men,” says Allison O’Kelly, founder and CEO of Mom Corps staffing service and a Terry Alumni Board member. “So, yes, we have come a long way, but struggles remain.”

  • Jerry Wilson

    Jerry Wilson (AB 1978)


    Jerry Wilson (AB ’78) may understand the customer better than anyone at The Coca-Cola Company, and his book, Managing Brand You, is a personal roadmap for success.

  • Tom Scott

    Tom Scott (BBA 1986)


    A familiar face around Athens, Tom Scott (BBA ’86) has devoted his career to growing his public accounting firm, Trinity Accounting Group, as well as other development projects and community improvement ventures.

  • Tom Cousins

    Tom Cousins (BBA 1952)


    Tired of spending millions on philanthropic causes that didn't improve the basic fabric of society, Atlanta real estate icon Tom Cousins (BBA ’52) is taking his East Lake revitalization model nationwide.

  • Matt Walls

    Matt Walls (BBA 2003)


    Its shirts are funny and its startup scenario sounds like a sitcom script, but Matt Walls’ (BBA ’03) SnorgTees is all business.