• The fast-paced life of marketing student Jamilla Johnson


    Third-year Terry student Jamilla Johnson thrives in a fast-paced environment. Everything she does, from her marketing coursework to running the student-led club PESA, happens at a rapid pace.

  • Tim Halloran (MMR 1994)


    Tim Halloran (MMR '94) has written a new book, Romancing the Brand, which is a reflection of a 20-year marketing career in which he has built, directed, and consulted with some of the world's most successful brands (Powerade, Dasani, Diet Coke) and provided guidance and support to mega companies such as Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Kraft Foods.

  • Nicholas Berente


    This series examines some of the more personal paths of faculty at the Terry College. MIS Professor Nicholas Berente answers “How did you get into research?”

  • Trevor Phinney


    Although he’s only in his junior year at UGA, Trevor Phinney has already climbed to leadership positions at UGA. 

  • Annette Poulsen


    This series examines some of the more personal paths of faculty at the Terry College. Sterne Professor of Finance, Annette Poulsen, answers “What was your undergraduate major and why did you choose it?”

  • Associate Dean Mark Dawkins


    Now associate dean for academic programs and an associate professor of accounting, Dawkins served as the Terry College's first director of diversity relations from 2004-2008. 

  • Admissions director seeks ‘best fit’ for Terry’s Full-Time MBA program


    Like selecting a candidate for a job, evaluating applicants each year for the next incoming class for the Full-time MBA program at the Terry College of Business requires a multifaceted approach, according to Deirdre Kane, director of admissions for the program.

  • Jason Colquitt


    The William Harry Willson Distinguished Chair in the department of management, wants his students to see the value in supplementing their experience and intuition with science-based wisdom.

  • Maric Boudreau


    Head of the management information systems department wants her students to understand how data can transform businesses and help promote sustainability.

  • MMR Advisory Board Panel


    Fall 2013 Master of Marketing Research Advisory Board Meeting keynote speaker and best-selling author Brian Wansink "has changed the world" with his research on mindless eating and slim by design.