The Terry College of Business has formed a new senior-level committee of volunteers to advise the dean on the strategic direction of the college, help foster corporate relations and support or lead initiatives for the good of the college.

The committee, known as the Terry Dean's Advisory Council (TDAC), is composed of 25 members, but that's not a fixed number, said Dean Robert T. Sumichrast, who identified and invited the founding members of the council. Going forward, the council will nominate its new members.

In forming the council, Sumichrast said he targeted business leaders who were enthusiastic about giving their time and expertise, in addition to their financial support, to promote the goals of the college.

"We've also made an effort to recruit TDAC members who are widely dispersed across the country," he said, "so that we expand the reputation of the college and capture a more complete picture of the business climate throughout the nation in the council's deliberations."

S. Taylor Glover, a 1973 Terry College alumnus, is chairing TDAC in its first year. Glover is the president and CEO of Turner Enterprises Inc. in Atlanta, a former Merrill Lynch executive and past member and chair of the college's Board of Overseers. He was a recipient of the College's Distinguished Alumni Award in 2000.

Initially, the council will form two task forces from its membership. The first is a Strategic Task Force, which will assess the college's current strengths and advise the college on long-term business trends that may affect the curriculum and, more generally, the college. C. William Griffin, a 1972 alumnus and managing director of Fidelity National Financial, based near Pittsburgh, Pa., will chair that task force. He was presented with the college's Distinguished Alumni Award last year.

The second is a Facilities Task Force, which will assist with all aspects of developing a plan to replace Terry's current facilities. The task force will work to engender support for the building project from alumni and the business community, especially within the state, will help with the fundraising campaign, and will be included in determining the design and functionality of new facilities for the college.

"This task force has a big job ahead of it. Better facilities are the next major upgrade for Terry and will make the kind of statement that can cause a significant shift in our reputation and prominence nationally," Sumichrast said. "I expect to have the committee's leadership in place soon, and because of the scope of the job we may need to organize it with subcommittees."

The full membership of TDAC will meet three times a year. The next meeting is set for Sept. 26 in Athens, with winter and spring meetings to follow at the college's Executive Education Center in Atlanta.

Sumichrast said the council will serve a complementary role to the college's two other volunteer boards — the Alumni Board of Directors and the Young Alumni Board.

"The majority of Dean's Advisory Council members are alumni, but there's a place for non-alumni as well," said Sumichrast. "Many business leaders understand the importance of supporting the University of Georgia and the Terry College of Business. We want to be able to accept help from these leaders and their organizations."

"I envision that TDAC will be asked to provide advice on strategic issues, while the Alumni Board is more likely to get directly involved in alumni programs, ensuring the continuing success of big events like our alumni awards gala and Terry Third Thursday speaker series," he said. "And in many cases, the Young Alumni Board will function as a junior partner to the Alumni Board, helping them host events like the gala, as well as addressing the interests of recent graduates with their own programs."

To read more about these volunteer committees, visit the websites dedicated to the Terry Dean's Advisory Council, Alumni Board, and Young Alumni Board.