Author: David Dodson


ATHENS, Ga. — The Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia presented awards for outstanding teaching, research and service at a banquet on May 3.

James S. Linck, an assistant professor of banking and finance, received the Outstanding Teaching Award. In just his fifth year on the faculty of the Terry College, Linck has already been recognized as an award-winning instructor by three different degree programs. After restructuring a course in international financial management in his second year, Linck was honored by undergraduate finance majors who were appreciative of his efforts and named him Alpha Kappa Psi's Teacher of the Year. Also that year, the MBA Class of 2002 presented Linck with its Hugh O. Nourse Outstanding MBA Teacher Award. Last year, Linck, who teaches the introductory course in managerial finance for the Terry Executive MBA program, was named Outstanding Professor by the EMBA Class of 2004.

"My teaching philosophy centers on the objective of providing students with a deep understanding of the fundamental tools and concepts of finance, including a solid foundation in economic theory and practice," Linck says. "I aim to provide them with a way of thinking about issues such that they can apply what they have learned and have the confidence to challenge existing practice and improve decision making in a broad range of situations."

Donald C. Keenan, a professor of economics, received the Outstanding Research Award. Keenan's research "is founded in his powerful understanding of microeconomic theory," said Economics Department Head Bill Lastrapes, who nominated Keenan. In addition to using that theoretical understanding to publish research articles in the Journal of Mathematical Economics, Econometrica and the Journal of Economic Theory, Keenan has applied the tools of microeconomic analysis to a wide range of social and financial issues, including urban economics, housing finance, options pricing, insurance and political economy.

Keenan's latest socially directed research involves a $100,000 National Science Foundation grant and a cross-campus collaboration with the Institute of Ecology. Keenan, assistant professor Pejman Rohani and graduate student Matt Bonds are applying game theory to model the strategic interaction between harmful viruses and human hosts. Using this theoretical framework, they will simultaneously study how humans respond to the virility of a disease and how viruses respond to treating a disease.

Christine M. Riordan, an associate professor of management and director of Terry's Institute for Leadership Advancement (ILA), received the Outstanding Service Award. Riordan was the guiding force and founding director of the leadership institute, when it was formed in 2000 in support of one of the college's major strategic goals. TheILA has developed five programs geared toward undergraduate students, graduate students, executive education and corporate partners. To date, almost $7 million has been raised to support those programs.

Riordan also has been very active in professional service. She is the current president of the Southern Management Association, representing management academicians and practitioners at more than 200 colleges and organizations. Riordan also served from 2002 to 2004 on the executive committee of the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management. At UGA, she was appointed this past year to the 24-member Task Force on General Education and Student Learning that is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of educational requirements and approaches to student learning at UGA.

The faculty award winners were chosen by a committee of their peers based on nominations from the college's seven academic departments. Each recipient receives a $1,000 cash prize.