Author: Matt Waldman
Contact: Randy Groomes


About 20 high school students are participating in the first Terry Business Academy on the University of Georgia campus June 7-13.

Sponsored by the Terry College of Business, the academy is a highly selective, pre-collegiate program for high school students who demonstrate a strong interest in business and entrepreneurship.

During the week, students will learn about different business majors, career paths and campus life through an intensive schedule of activities that includes rigorous academic exercises, corporate site visits and social events.

"The academy will provide a broad variety of educational and social opportunities," said Randy Groomes, who is director of diversity relations at the Terry College. "Equally important is the diversity, creativity and sense of teamwork that each student will bring to the experience."

In the classroom, students will gain practical experience developing and presenting a business plan. Networking skills and business etiquette are also emphasized outside of class to teach the participants the importance of excelling both with tasks and people, said Kimberly Grantham, a marketing professor who serves as curriculum director for the summer program. The students will practice those soft skills with each other at planned events throughout the week.

Admission to the program is competitive and open to rising juniors with a 3.7 GPA and seniors with a 3.5 GPA. Selection preference is given to students who challenge themselves academically and have completed multiple advanced placement courses.

More information is available on the Terry Business Academy website.

Diversity Relations was established by the Terry College of Business to help students gain the competencies to address the complex issues of the workplace through the leveraging of diversity. Students completing the program possess the skills to build successful careers within the changing demographics and international scope of the marketplace.