Author: David Dodson


ATHENS, Ga. — Seventeen Terry College professors undertook new research projects this summer with additional financial support from a Terry-Sanford Research Award. Faculty apply for the summer support on a competitive basis, and priority for funding is given to research proposals that are the likeliest to lead to publication in top academic journals.

The Terry-Sanford awards are open to tenured and tenure-track faculty in the Terry College who do not already have summer research support as part of their compensation, as is common with endowed chairs and professorships. This summer's awards ranged from $9,000 to $18,000.

Faculty who receive a summer award are required to submit a report on the results of their research project by the following fall. The report can constitute either the resulting journal publication, a working paper, or a 15-page progress report if the research project is not complete. The deadline to submit proposals for next summer's Terry-Sanford Research Awards is Nov. 3.

The professors who received 2008 Terry-Sanford awards, listed alphabetically, are:

  • Scott E. Atkinson
    Professor of Economics
    "How Can Mexican Maquiladora Affiliates Regain their Competitive Advantage?"
  • Marie-Claude Boudreau
    Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
    "Greening the IT Function"
  • Tina D. Carpenter
    Assistant Professor of Accounting
    "Professional Skepticism: The Effects of Tone at the Top and Individual Skepticism on Fraud Risk Assessments and on Identified Audit Procedures"
  • Santanu Chatterjee
    Associate Professor of Economics
    "Understanding Poverty in the Developed World: A Study of Healthcare and Education in Georgia"
  • Christopher M. Cornwell
    Professor of Economics
    "The Effect of Abortion on Sexually Transmitted Infections"
  • Carolyn Dehring
    Assistant Professor of Real Estate
    "How Green Was My Building? The Certification of Green Commercial Real Estate"
  • Jacqueline S. Hammersley
    Assistant Professor of Accounting
    "Does Material Weakness Identification Enhance Fraud Identification?"
  • Paul J. Irvine
    Assistant Professor of Banking and Finance
    "Trading Alpha"
  • Elena Karahanna
    Professor of Management Information Systems
    "Is the doctor in? Patient acceptance of telemedicine services"
  • Donald C. Keenan
    Professor of Economics
    "Prepayment and Foreclosure"
  • Henry J. Munneke
    Professor of Real Estate
    "Methods of Protecting Ownership Rights and their Impact on Developed Land Prices"
  • David B. Mustard
    Associate Professor of Economics
    "Differences in Health Outcomes by Race, Ethnicity, and SES"
  • Marisa A. Pagnattaro
    Associate Professor of Legal Studies
    "Is Labor Really 'Cheap' in China? Compliance with Labor and Employment Laws in China"
  • Vanessa M. Patrick
    Assistant Professor of Marketing
    "Tracing the Daisy Chain: Investigating Branded Consumption Chains"
  • John L. Turner
    Assistant Professor of Economics
    "Trade Policy and Incomplete Contracts"
  • Matthew M. Wieland
    Assistant Professor of Accounting
    "Publicly-Traded versus Privately-Held: Implications for Banks' Financial Performance"
  • P. Eric Yeung
    Assistant Professor of Accounting
    "Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift: Evidence of Investors' Delayed Trading"