Bloomberg Businessweek's analysis of the new book Disrupt or Be Disrupted: A Blueprint for Change in Management Education calls the contributed chapter from Daniel C. Feldman, associate dean for academic affairs and Synovus Chair of Servant Leadership at the Terry College, one of the volume's most compelling.  

The book, put out by the Graduate Management Admission Council, wants students to get more value for their tuition dollars. 

The article states: "The modern MBA student is a whirling dervish of activity: classes, cases, clubs, travel, recruiting, and more. But Daniel C. Feldman of University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business says the whirling must stop, or at least slow down. Instead of involving MBAs in every activity on campus, B-schools should focus on whether they are as engaged as they need to be."

Businessweek's full analysis includes more about Feldman's prescriptions for building a better MBA program.