Nathaniel Grow
Nathaniel Grow

More states are considering limits to the amount of workers’ compensation coverage for professional athletes, according to an article in Business Insurance.

The article quotes Nathaniel Grow, associate professor of legal studies at Terry, about legislative proposals that could change how much athletes are compensated for injuries sustained playing professional sports.

“Each team has, under each state’s respective workers’ comp law, the legal obligation their state imposes on employers to provide workers’ comp for their employees,” Grow said. “Within that, the players have the benefit of potentially having that financial security. If they get hurt, the team then has insurance that covers them in case of catastrophic injuries and avoids any lawsuits over alleged negligence.”

However, few insurance companies want to cover professional athletes because of their dangerous jobs and high salaries. In addition, laws differ from state to state, which leads to a confusing web of coverage for athletes.

For instance, California passed a law in 2013 that prevents athletes from other states from filing workers’ comp claims there.

“What would happen was that a football player from, say, the Miami Dolphins could file a workers' comp claim in California, asserting that the injuries he sustained while playing games against the 49ers, Raiders, or Chargers contributed to his disability.” said Grow.

The full article is available online.