Terry College PhD Hettie Richardson.
A study of corporate power as it relates to women helped Richardson determine her teaching-research focus.

Seven departments, seven graduates, seven careers.

The disciplines in which the Terry College grants its highest academic degrees — accounting, economics, finance, management, management information systems, marketing, and risk management and insurance — are extremely taxing disciplines that require not only a keen mind but the kind of dedication that stems from an inner belief that this is the most important work to which the degree candidate can aspire. While many of Terry’s Ph.D. grads maintain a foothold in the business world, through prior experience or as consultants or advisors, all seven profiled in these pages have anchored their careers in academia, as teachers or administrators — or sometimes, both.

Perhaps that’s because in academia, they found a way to indulge an indelible trait they all share: insatiable curiosity, and the drive to either do — or enable — research that informs private enterprise and public policy.

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