Nathaniel Grow, who teaches legal studies at the Terry College of Business, provided an expert opinion on the recent ruling over whether or not the Oakland A's can move their ballpark to San Jose, California.

Grow said the decision is more favorable to Major League Baseball. "From a legal perspective, it's a huge win for Major League Baseball," Grow said. "They get rid of the most dangerous claims. The one claim that's left isn't of itself going to get San Jose a baseball team." But even so, Grow said San Jose's surviving claim under state law could give the city "enough leverage over Major League Baseball to reach a settlement if Major League Baseball doesn't want its decision-making process opened up" in court. "It's possible that state-law claim could be enough to still motivate Major League Baseball to let the A's move," Grow said. "But it's difficult for anyone outside the MLB boardroom to know how much impact that one state-law claim will have on their decision making." One other break for San Jose, Grow said, was that the ruling came quickly, just a week after Whyte heard MLB's dismissal motion in court and signaled skepticism about San Jose's claims. That at least puts San Jose on a quicker path toward a trial or appeal.

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