The 2015 Mason Lecture featuring (from left) Derek Hammock, Pete Correll, and Dan Amos.
The 2015 Mason Lecture featuring (from left) Derek Hammock, Pete Correll, and Dan Amos.

Terry alumni Daniel P. Amos (BBA '73), CEO and chairman of Aflac, and A.D. “Pete” Correll (BBA '73), chairman emeritus of Georgia-Pacific, candidly talk about how hard work, managed risk, flexibility and a willingness to give back are crucial ingredients in a recipe for success.

“Don’t be set on what you do,” Amos said, addressing the students in the audience. “Be flexible, be willing to move and adapt.”

The two accomplished businessmen and philanthropists, both alumni of the UGA Terry College of Business, shared the stage at the Richard B. Russell Building Special Collection Libraries Sept. 18. The event was moderated by Derek Hammock, a graduate student at the Terry College.

Amos and Correll both have been leaders in corporate and personal philanthropy. Correll helped lead efforts to revive Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.  And under Amos’ leadership, Aflac has focused its giving on treating pediatric cancer, including through the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center in Atlanta.

Amos said that corporate giving is good for the bottom line.

“I believe people want to do business with companies that make the world better,” he said.

Amos also said that risk is important to success, but that smart business people know when to walk away if something isn’t working.

When asked about setbacks, Correll said he had his share of failures in business. But with a philosophy centered on not taking himself “too seriously,” he has been able to let his successes outweigh failures.

When asked to share his advice to students in the audience about career success, Correll admitted that he didn’t know too much about business when he finished college. But he made up for it in determination, grit and some basic math.

“I’m a simple person,” Correll said. “I figured I could accomplish more in 12 hours they most could in eight. I simply outworked people.”

The Mason Public Leadership Lecture, part of the Terry Leadership Speaker Series, was made possible by a donation from Terry alumnus Keith Mason, who was in attendance.

The event coincided with dedication ceremony for Correll Hall, named after Pete Correll and his wife Ada Lee, and the groundbreaking ceremony for Phase II of the Terry Business Learning Community. At the center of Phase II will be Amos Hall, named in honor of Dan Amos.