Sixteen tenure-track faculty members received 2013-2014 Terry-Sanford Research Awards that fund innovative and important summer research projects.

The awards are given competitively, with priority going to those proposals that are likely to lead to publications in top academic journals and to faculty who are productive researchers.

The amount awarded varies from project to project, and recipients are required to report on the results of their research by the following fall.

Terry-Sanford Award Recipients

The faculty members and their research projects are:

Scott E. Atkinson

Professor of Economics

“Is a Co2 Cap-and-Trade Permit System Economically Justified?”

Nicholas Berente

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems

“The ‘Socio’ in Sociotechnical Infrastructures – The Role of Human and Organizations in Infrastructure-enabled Institutional Change”

Thomas R. Berry-Stoelzle

Associate Professor of Risk Management and Insurance

“Risk Aversion, Business Risk, and Market Discipline in the Insurance Industry: A Cross-Country Analysis”

John L. Campbell

Assistant Professor of Accounting

“U.S. Multinational Corporations’ Foreign Cash Holdings: An Empirical Estimate and its Valuations Consequences”

Anindita Chakravarty

Assistant Professor of Marketing

“Valuation of Targets’ Social Capital in Mergers and Acquisitions”

Scott D. Graffin

Associate Professor of Management

“Welcome (to) a Board! Directorships as Certifications in the Executive Labor Market”

Jie (Jack) He

Assistant Professor of Finance

“Product Market Competition in a World of Cross Owenership: Evidence from Institutional Blockholdings”

Laura M. Little

Assistant Professor of Management, Director of the Institute for Leadership Advancement

“Make Them Feel: How the Disclosure of Pregnancy Affects Supervisor Exchange Relationships”

Marie S. Mitchell

Associate Professor of Management

“By Hook or by Crook! How Employees’ Performance Concerns Motivate Workplace Cheating Behavior”

Marisa A. Pagnattaro

Professor of Legal Studies, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor

“Employee Misappropriation: Using Section 337 to Combat Trade Secret Theft”

Michael D. Pfarrer

Associate Professor of Management

“High-Reputation Firms and their Acquisition Behaviors”

Santhosh M. Ramalingegowda

Associate Professor of Accounting

“Accounting Conservatism and Capital Structure Adjustments”

Alex J. Reed

Assistant Professor of Legal Studies

“Opening the Floodgates: Expanded Employer Liability for Same-Sex Harassment”

Jessica B. Rodell

Assistant Professor of Management

“Beyond Justice: What Else Explains Perceptions of Supervisor Fairness?”

Christine B. Shropshire

Associate Professor of Management

“Shareholder Voting as a Governance”

John L. Turner

Associate Professor of Economics

“The Economics of Congestion, Usage and Speed in Residential Broadband Network