Accounting Major
Suwanee, GA

1. What drew you to the Music Business Program?

In December 2011, my coworker Adam LaHaie told me about the program. He always sounded so excited about the things he was doing in class, and highly recommended it to me. So I checked out the website and set up a meeting with David Barbe. We talked about what I could do with my accounting degree in terms of the MBUS program. It turns out that it works really well.

2. Where is your internship this semester? What are some of your favorite aspects of it?

I’m currently interning for the Classic Center. They actually hired me two weeks ago. So I’m interning and working for them. I’ve basically got three main jobs there. I’m the stage manager for amateur shows. I also work in the box office helping people buy tickets on the phone, in person or online. For the internship side, I help my supervisors with tasks, dealt with the receipts of tickets during the show, and helped in the front of the house. I recently organized past events' receipts from 2008 to present in the computer, which was a daunting task. But I really think it paid off to have those on file. From time to time I’ll email clients and work with reconciliations. It’s nice to put my accounting skills to work when I can.

My favorite aspect is the people. Everyone is welcoming and inviting. My direct supervisor, Elizabeth, was willing to let me get into the technical side of things. My move from high school theater to Tate productions to the Classic Center has been really cool to see. A few weeks ago, I got to sit in on the load in for the West Side Story production. Being able to see behind the scenes of a Broadway show was pretty fantastic. The fact that I’m learning the inner workings of everything that goes on, but on a larger scale, is really rewarding.

3. What do you enjoy most about the Music Business program?

Again, it’s the people. Every day I’m excited to come in. At the beginning of the semester, it felt like we were coming back to this huge family. We’re able to crack jokes with each other in class. With my class load it’s really nice to be able to relax. It always makes my day better, and I’m constantly looking forward to what we’re going to do next. Plus, things like the Nuci's Space Jam allows us to bond and get to know each other. Some of my closest friends are from the program and I didn't even know them six months ago.

4. Can you tell us about May Day? What's your role?

I’m basically the coordinator of May Day. So that means I figure out everything what needs to be done and delegate it, then make sure that it all gets done. I work directly with the venue as the representative for the program. Essentially, I write lots and lots of emails and make a good amount of phone calls. May Day is a culmination of everything we’ve done the entire year. Well, really it’s a celebration. Every aspect of the MBUS—managers, bookers, promoters—are represented. We get to use what we’ve learned in a real-world setting. It’s a great chance for us to all get together and show the rest of the community why this program deserves to be here.

5. Do you have MBUS related plans for this summer?

Continue my work at the Classic Center, looking for an internship locally either in Atlanta or Athens with a focus on venue management.

6. Where do you see yourself in the music business?

I’ve got two possible paths. My first is the Atlanta Braves post-grad internship. If you’re selected you get to pick your focus. I'd want to work with venue management in addition to concert promoting at Turner Field. I've loved baseball since before I could walk, so that's my first choice. But if I don't go that way, then I'd like to be working in a venue. Ideally, I would get to do both the production and booking sides. As far as long term goals go, I want to open a small venue of my own in a college town.