Fall 2010

For two decades, Ron Swift has been a guest lecturer for the MIS department. He has covered a wide variety of topics. Graduate and undergraduate students have benefited from his wisdom, experience, and pragmatic style.

Ron is highly committed to ensuring that Terry students understand the potential of information systems to grow revenues, increase profitability, enhance efficiency, and support innovation. The topics that he has taught include: customer relationship management, business intelligence, data mining, advanced analytics, managing projects, and using databases to improve marketing. His lectures are a wealth of valuable insights gained from many years of senior level experience and exposure to the problems of leading companies in many parts of the world.

Ron estimates that he has given between 90 and 100 lectures to students in the Terry College of business. It is very appropriate that Terry recognizes his valuable contribution with the very apt title of “Life Senior Executive Lecturer.”

On behalf of the many students the Terry College who have benefitted from Ron’s wisdom, the MIS department expresses its heartfelt thanks for twenty years of generosity and knowledge.