Rob Hoyt

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners honored an article co-authored by Robert Hoyt, head of the Terry College’s department of insurance, legal studies and real estate with the Spencer L. Kimball Writing Award.

The award is bestowed annually to acknowledge and encourage outstanding contributions to the Journal of Insurance Regulation.

In addition to Hoyt, who also holds the Dudley L. Moore Jr. Chair of Insurance at the Terry College, recipients of award included L. Lee Colquitt of Auburn University, and Stephen G. Fier and Andre P. Liebenberg of the University of Mississippi.

Colquitt and Liebenberg are both alumni of the Risk Management and Insurance PhD Program at Terry.

Their article, “Adverse Selection in the Credit Life Insurance Market,” reported that the lack of evidence regarding adverse selection may be due to effective underwriting, rather than consumers failing to use informational advantages to their benefit.