Fall 2011

Joe Rubleske

Joe Rubleske is a postdoctoral researcher working with Nick Berente on research into the management of cyberinfrastructure. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation and Rubleske is developing and testing models of innovation in relation to the digital infrastructures that enable contemporary science. Of particular interest to Rubleske are the roles played by individuals and groups engaged in digital infrastructure work (especially cyberinfrastructure centers) and the nature of the evolving relationships between them.

Rubleske received his doctorate in 2011 from Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies. His dissertation, titled “A Temporal Model of Mindful Interactions Around New Service Conception,” examines innovation practices by public library administrators and reflects Rubleske’s interests in service innovation, innovation management, and the role of leaders in innovation activities. Rubleske earned a B.A. in Political Science and a Masters of Planning from Indiana University. Previously, he has worked as a research associate with IUPUI’s Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, and as a developer, statistician, and policy analyst for the State of Wisconsin. Rubleske is trained in both qualitative and quantitative methods, and has taught management and technical courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Jeff Howells

Born and bred in a mining village in South Wales (UK), Jeff Howells moved to the US after getting a degree in physics and chemistry. In the US, he worked on research on dielectric materials for Westinghouse before deciding to get an MBA degree at Indiana University. After graduation, he joined Unisys Corporation where he had several staff and line positions in system development and corporate finance. Most of his work in Unisys involved the use of computers in the financial services industry that was a major worldwide market for the company. He left Unisys to work for a financial services subsidiary of ADP and after five years managing software development, he became the general manager of a division of ADP with 400 employees. Jeff later became a CIO of a much larger ADP division located in Atlanta. While working for Unisys, he taught MIS courses to MBAs at Eastern Michigan University and this experience lead him teaching at UGA. Jeff is taking a lead role in teaching business process management in the MIS department.

Dustin Baker

Dustin Baker joined the MIS Department in July as the new MIS advisor. He has an A.B. in Political Science and an M.P.A. from the School of Public and International Affairs. Both degrees are from UGA. He has been with the University since 2008.