Six Terry students earned their shot to compete at two sales competitions in November, and the teams took top honors at both events on the same weekend. ‚ÄčThe duo of Jaimie Gutch and Steven Decarlo out-performed teams from 21 universities to win the prestigious team case competition at the 2014 International Collegiate Sales Competition in Orlando, Florida and halfway across the country, Alex Woodruff won the individual phase of the State Farm Sales Competition at the University of Central Missouri.

Woodruff also earned third place in the combined format, which includes his competition-winning individual scores and the team segment he performed with classmate Daniel Gannon. Back in Orlando, Alexandra Turac and Jasmin Metso also turned in strong efforts in the ICSC's individual case competition, reaching the second round of the event that featured stiff competition from 65 colleges and universities.

Both events feature students delivering individual and team sales presentations to industry executives serving as buyers and judges for the competitions. The six Terry students earned their way to the events based on their individual showings at the Terry Professional Sales Competitions held in October and March.