Sundar Bharadwaj
Sundar Bharadwaj

Sundar Bharadwaj, the Coca-Cola Company Chair of Marketing at Terry, was honored with the Sheth Foundation Award  last month at the American Marketing Association’s summer conference.

Bharadwaj received the award for the article, “Rethinking Customer Solutions: From Product Bundles to Relational Processes,” which he co-authored with Kapil Tuli and Ajay Kohli in 2007.

The annual award is given to the best article published in the Journal of Marketing that has made long-term contributions to the field. It is named in recognition of the generous donations of the Sheth Foundation to the AMA Foundation and the outstanding career contributions to the field of marketing by Jagdish N. Sheth of Emory University. 

The award recognizes scholarship based on the benefits of time and hindsight and will acknowledge contributions and outcomes made to marketing theory. A committee of former journal editors made the selection from nominations reeived by the journal’s editorial review board.