Tim Staples
Archie Carroll

Corporate Responsibility: The American Experience, a book co-authored by Archie B. Carroll, professor emeritus of management at Terry, received the Best Book Award from the Social Issues Management division of the Academy of Management.

The book is a landmark exploration of how ideas and practices evolved over 200 years in American business in response to the questions — “to whom, for what and how is the modern corporation responsible?”

​The book was one of 16 books in contention. In addition to Carroll, four others serves as co-authors: Kenneth J. Lipartito (Florida International University), James E. Post (Boston University) and Patricia H.Werhane (DePaul University).

The Academy of Management is the leading worldwide professional association of organization and management scholars; the Social Issues Management division includes 1700 scholars who examine "social, ethical, public policy, ecological, and international environments influencing and influenced by organizations.”

Corporate Responsibility: The American Experience was published by Cambridge University Press.