Jessica Rodell
Jessica Rodell

Jessica Rodell, assistant professor in the department of management, was one of the inaugural recipients of the Michael F. Adams Early Career Scholars award.

Named in honor of the University of Georgia’s 21st President, these awards recognize outstanding accomplishment and evidence of potential future success in scholarship, creative work or research by early career faculty members.

Rodell is a remarkable scholar who has accomplished a great deal in her young career. She conducts research that cuts across several different fields of study. One is employee volunteering, a nascent literature that examines why employees devote time and skills to volunteer groups and how such activities impact their relationships with their employers. Rodell is one of a handful of scholars at the forefront of this intriguing area of research.

She also conducts work in some of the more well-established areas of management, including the concept of justice, which examines what causes employees to feel fairly treated, and how such perceptions impact job attitudes and behaviors. She also studies the concept of personality, which explores the traits and predispositions that explain characteristic patterns of emotions, cognitions and behaviors among employees. Rodell has set the standard for research productivity among junior faculty, publishing six top-tier articles in the past four years.