Since completing the Terry IB major in 2005, Christine Shepherd has continued her educational and cultural studies, as well as working in diverse roles and destinations. As detailed in a recent article in Terry magazine, Shepherd is currently a candidate for graduate dual degrees from Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) and Tufts, studying business administration and international relations. In a relatively short amount of time, Shepherd has traveled and gained breadth and depth of experience. As she puts it, ”if you take one unorthodox step, it encourages the next.“

Her training in French language as an undergrad at UGA was strengthened by a stint as a nanny in Paris before starting classes at the HEC campus there. It was during this time that Shepherd began to write as an MBA journalist for Business Week. Her writing not only reflected the international perspective she was gaining in the classroom with a mostly international student body there, but also its affects on her own development and goals. Her understanding of the political and economic confluence of human societies was stretched by experiences such as a visit to Moscow for a Nuclear Security Culture conference, a summer in Haiti as an outsourcing consultant, and helping to start an NGO with a mission to support education of Liberia’s youth.

Now back in the States for the final leg of the joint degree program, this time at Tufts in Boston, Shepherd is settling back into student mode, and keeping up her BusinessWeek blog.