Fall 2011

Because it was unable to gain additional funding, this fall the Global Text Project will close its office on the UGA campus but will remain active at University of Denver. The website and database will be maintained at UGA.

The project looks forward to a new semester housed at the Daniels School of Business at the University of Denver where co-director, Donald McCubbrey, will focus on marketing OER resources and the Global Text Project abroad through the international student organization AIESEC.

While in the last semester at UGA, more notable texts were published. This summer and fall semester student interns helped publish several new texts including “Introducing Marketing,” “Interpreting Information Systems in Organizations,” “Contemporary Cataloging” and “Algorithms and Data Structures.”

Looking back on three brilliant years, UGA’s Global Text Project has partnered with universities in Chile and China, created awareness about open education in departments across campus to conferences with the International Institute of Education to UGA’s Global Engagement conference this fall. The project has acquired almost 70 resources, 32 are open content due to a collaboration with the project and 19 of the resources have been customized in a standard format so they are accessible to anyone for re-mixing and redistribution by chapter.

The project also contributed to student engagement over the years. Work was done with MBA assistants, undergraduates, and student organizations on campus including Huber’s project management classes, Creative Consultants, Promote Africa, and Studio 120. Also Global Text Project was listed as an official internship venue for UGA’s English department. Other students also created several individual projects helping develop IT infrastructure, business modeling and marketing channels.

Associate Editor, Marisa Drexel Ulrich, who managed production, daily operations of the project, and supervised student assistants is taking a new position within Terry College. She will continue to work with undergraduates through the International Business program as well as help with the PhD program in the business school.