Spring 2011

This spring, the Global Text Project is completing its third successful semester of student internships. Global Text is working with several students across academic disciplines to develop online textbooks and enhance the project in various ways, such as redesigning the web site.

There are a record number of students on producing customizable online textbooks, and we should have three new textbooks ready for adoption in the spring. Some students are working on updating and maintaining the website, while another student is working with international professors who have interests in Africa to spread awareness about the project to African universities.

One popular Global Text publication, Education Psychology, will be published as a third edition and has received attention recently by being selected by another Open Education Resource organization, College Open Textbooks Community, as part of study to have an international academic community built around it complete with the use of open–source learning tools, such as Moodle and Nixty.

To date, Global Text interns has helped the project publish seven textbooks and the project looks forward to more interns joining in the next academic year.