Systems Analysis and Design, the capstone course for MIS majors, brings together what the students learn in prior courses (business process management, data management, project management, Java programming and web development). They develop a system using the agile methodology SCRUM. During the semester-long project, the student teams develop the business case for the system, elicit and model requirements, perform feasibility analyses, make architectural choices about their system and develop a working prototype.

Given the MIS department's focus on sustainability, this semester the students were tasked with developing a system that uses gamification to increase awareness of and to encourage active engagement in sustainable behaviors.

The 27 student teams came up with creative system solutions to meet the project objectives. Projects included:

  • A system that enabled users to create and compete in leagues
  • A daily challenge that was emailed every morning and had to be completed to earn points
  • A system focused on elementary school children with age-appropriate sustainability activities
  • An Android app provided people with questions every few hours and calculated their winning streak (how many questions in a row were correct)

Many systems had people create accounts, earn points by logging their sustainable actions or by taking sustainability quizzes, and compare themselves to others on the leaderboard. Many systems also had social media capabilities where people could friend others to see their sustainability actions, could share their sustainable actions on Facebook or Twitter, and “like” or comment on each other's actions. Most teams created web-based solutions; one team created an app for an Android phone. Some systems were created from scratch by coding in Java using the Eclipse IDE while others used content management systems such as WordPress and integrated various plugins to provide the needed functionality.

Each semester a winner is selected among the projects, which can be a challenge given the many worthy systems. This semester’s winners are the SustainAbility team consisting of David Barron, Anchit Bhatia, Ryan Clingan, Nikko Crocker and Jessica Storin. The three runner-up teams consist of EcoCampus (Eric Howell, Gerald Merritt, Shauna Robertson, Josafat Rodriguez, Nicholas Thomas and Kevin Wangenheim), The GreenGames (Katherine Faller, Stephen Hasty, Chang Hyun Lim, Greg MacKenzie and Matt Steininger) and the GreenStreak (Carter Barrows, McKenzie Raines, Ryan Rains, John Schachinger and Millie Wu). Congratulations to the winning teams!