Fall 2010

Craig Piercy, director of the Internet Technology program, has been named an invited expert by the Open Web Education Alliance (OWEA) an incubator group of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

OWEA is a collaboration between industry and educators to promote Web development education using Web standards. The group is currently under consideration to become the education arm of W3C, which is an industry authority on web standards.

“Craig’s expertise and passion for the open web is such a positive force in the world,” says Glenda Sims, chair of the OWEA Incubator Group. “The Master of Internet Technology degree program at University of Georgia is a critical component in the evolution of web education. We are so grateful for his leading example.”

OWEA members are working to enhance and standardize the architecture of the World Wide Web through ensuring that the education of future Web professionals is based on best practices and also emphasizes the development of high quality web standards. The group also is tuning into the present needs of the Web development education sector.

“As a member of this group, I’ll not only be able to contribute to the world of web development education, but also connect our students to an incredible network of web professionals working on the key industry topic of web standards,” says Craig.