(L to R) Caroline Luehring, Madison Spain, Georgina Boultwood, Allie Benston, Abby Weinstein, Ansley Aiken at Vodafone Shared Services Center in Budapest.
(L to R) Addy Delean, Madison Spain, Daly Bullard at Opel motor manufactory in Vienna.

Fourteen Terry students participated in the Business in Europe study abroad program this summer, venturing to Central and Eastern Europe to get an up-close view of international business practices.

Students visited and analyzed firms, experienced the cultural and historic contexts, and engaged with local students to explore global social media marketing.

"This experience was a complete eye-opener to a new part of the world that doesn’t get mentioned as much back home,” one student wrote in an evaluation.  

Students take two classes during the summer program. In “Special Topics in International Business” students visit more than 10 companies in Hungary and Austria and participate in expert-led cultural programs like city tours, museum visits, culinary events and other place-related activities. They must convey these experiences as well as their reflections about them in a journal, a blog or other meaningful way.

In “Special Topics in Marketing: Global Social Media” students attend a two-week seminar with local students at Vienna University of Economics and Business. Together, the European and American students are introduced to the theory and practice of a particular aspect of international business. They learn from each other’s perspectives, work in tandem on cases and projects, and present their findings in class and in a term paper. Outside of class, the UGA and WU students have time to explore Vienna, a cultural center with historic political and economic importance in the region.

For most students, the lessons learned in this program influence their career choices and their worldviews. In particular, the time spent with locals creates a new or deeper interest in the welfare of the people and places.

As one student noted: “This program was an amazing way to broaden my horizons and open my mind to other cultures and the way they do business.”