Fall 2010

Nicholas Berente is a new assistant professor with the MIS department. He holds an MBA and a PhD from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and he spent the last two years teaching and researching with the University of Michigan’s School of Information. His research focuses on innovation and design, and he’s particularly interested in the way standardized processes and large-scale integrated information systems (like ERP) can encourage or limit organizational innovation. Berente has authored more than forty research articles and has published many of them in peer-reviewed academic journals and in books. He is currently collaborating with researchers from three different universities on a book entitled The Architecture of Innovation.

Before pursuing his graduate education, Berente was the president and founder of Pentagon Engineering Corporation, a systems integrator that specialized in implementing the IT systems that support product design and development. He sold the company in 2002, and has since been involved with a number of IT startups. Most recently he founded The Qube Lab, a company that leverages university students to build mobile and web applications for a variety of organizations.

Berente and his wife Michele have three children (ages three, five, and seven).