Tim Staples
Tina Carpenter

Tina Carpenter, associate professor of accounting at Terry, was honored with the American Accounting Association/Deloitte Wildman Medal Award. This AAA award, which is sponsored by the Deloitte Foundation, was presented to in the form of a medal and a monetary prize Aug. 6 at the 2014 AAA Annual Meeting.

Carpenter’s research investigates the prevention and detection of fraudulent financial reporting. She was awarded the AAA Auditing Section Outstanding Dissertation Award for her dissertation on fraud brainstorming. Three of her other papers have been awarded the AAA ABO Section Outstanding Manuscript. Tina was recently selected by the AAA and PCAOB to serve on a research team to synthesize fraud research. Her research contributes to theory and practice. As a result, Tina has been invited to serve on a fraud panel at the PCAOB, and her research has been cited by the PCAOB and SEC. She has been recognized for teaching excellence with awards at the department, college and university levels. Tina was recently interviewed by the United States Department of Defense for her expertise in fraud.

The Wildman Medal Award was founded in 1978 to commemorate John Wildman and to encourage research relevant to the professional practice of accounting to which much of Wildman’s life was devoted. 

More information about the award recipients is available on the American Accounting Association's website.