Terry’s faculty have always been leaders in thought and action – whether they’re discovering key marketing insights, articulating the science of good management or quantifying how much change CEOs bring to firms, their work directly impacts the business world on a daily basis.

  1. When Jessica Rodell showed that volunteering makes workers more productive.​

    MBA students volunteering
  2. When Julio Sevilla discovered that the shape of food can fool our brains.

    Julio Sevilla
  3. When Jeff Humphreys proved that retirees do big business for Georgia’s economy.

    Jeff Humphreys
  4. When two marketing professors showed how a new product’s success can be predicted by its online buzz.

    Guiyang Xiong and Sundar Bharadwaj
  5. When Piyush Kumar discovered the three rules of slogan likeability — and explained why “Eat Fresh” is so darn catchy.

    Piyush Kumar with students
  6. When Meghan Skira showed why deadbeat dads help explain child poverty rates.

    deadbeat dads
  7. When Marie Mitchell demonstrated how feelings of exclusion lead employees to practice some pretty bad behavior.

    bad behavior
  8. When Jason Colquitt explained the science of good management.

    Jason Colquitt
  9. When Scott Thompson showed how firms can stay one step ahead of online coupon cutters and deal mavens.

    Scott Thompson
  10. When Laura Little refuted many of the stereotypes about pregnant employees.

    pregnant employee at desk
  11. When Tim Quigley explained just how much a CEO affects their company’s bottom line.

    business man in office
  12. When David Lowery showed that streaming music services are unfair to musicians.

    David Lowery teaching