Whether it’s saving lives, integrating institutions or disrupting the music business, Terry alumni have regularly made transformative contributions to the world around them. Here are 12 instances in which the Terry family has left indelible marks on our planet.

When volcano diver Sam Cossman (BBA ’03) brought disaster relief to the people of Vanuatu in the wake of Category 5 Cyclone Pam.

Bobby Woods (MBA '15)

When Bobby Woods (MBA ’15) helped save his U.S. Army unit from Taliban fire in Afghanistan.

Harold Black (BBA ’65)

When Harold Black (BBA ’65) integrated the South’s first business school.

Gina Drosos (BBA ’85)

When Gina Drosos (BBA ’85) brought affordable beauty care and self-esteem to rural women in India.

Ben Cobb (BBA ’08)

When Ben Cobb (BBA ’08) created Promote Africa, Inc. and used African art and literature to connect Namibian artists with consumers worldwide who want to support and celebrate their work.

Nik Nikolav, PhD

When marketing Ph.D. student Nik Nikolov beat cancer—and helped others do the same.

Lady Antebellum

When Lady Antebellum (Charles Kelley and David Haywood, both BBA '04) released the first album to hit No. 1 that comprised 20% of its sales through the Internet, showing the world that people are willing to pay for music online.

Garrett Gravesen (BBA '03)

When Garrett Gravesen (BBA ’03) and Robert Reese (BBA ’03) started the Global L.E.A.D. Program and inserted a passion for effective volunteer work into study abroad education.

When James Shepherd (BBA ’73) created the Shepherd Center and changed the way catastrophic care patients are treated.

Allison Karl O’Kelly (BBA ’94)

When Allison Karl O’Kelly (BBA ’94) started Mom Corps and helped new mothers achieve the work-life balance they deserve.

Kevin Brinson (BBA ’14)

When Kevin Brinson (BBA ’14) brought Seeds of Knowledge to the UGA campus and helped more than 1,700 children in Africa get school supplies and books.

Cayle Project

When MIT students launched The Cayle Project and helped Nuçi’s Space stay afloat.