John Heyman: Founder & Partner, Actuate Partners speaks at Terry Third Thursday

Starting, Building and Selling a Business—From Zero to a Billion: The Story of Radiant Systems

John Heyman oversaw Radiant Systems' growth from the emergence of a start-up company to its sale to Atlanta-based NCR Corp for $1.3 billion. Since its sale, John formed Actuate Partners, an investment firm focused on the technology sector. He also is the Chairman of MEDSEEK, Inc. a provider of technology to the health care industry.

Prior to founding Actuate, Mr. Heyman served as CEO of Radiant Systems, Inc. During his 17-year tenure, Mr. Heyman led the company through its early growth phase, a public offering and its evolution to a $400 million business. At the time of its sale, the company was the leading provider of technology solutions to the retail and hospitality industry. Mr. Heyman led the growth of the business by entering new vertical markets, enabling the company to reach the small business community, expanding globally, launching new products and acquiring over 15 companies, including 3 outside the U.S.

Radiant’s success and ability to create shareholder value was made possible by assembling a remarkable team of people who focused on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. The company was a leader in delivering innovative solutions such as cloud-based and mobile solutions via an easy-to-afford SaaS business model. Actuate seeks to invest in businesses that embrace these same philosophies in building their own companies.

In addition to his responsibilities at Actuate, Mr. Heyman serves on boards of Medseek, Inc. and the Inmar Corporation. He is also a co-founder of Siftit a revolutionary new technology that allows restaurants and their supply chain partners to conduct business more efficiently. 

Mr. Heyman and his wife, Erin, live in Atlanta. He has three sons and enjoys golf, fly fishing, exercise, reading and skiing. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and the University of Georgia, where he serves on the board of TDAC. 

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