Doug Curling, Former President, COO, Director, ChoicePoint, Inc. speaks at Terry Third Thursday

“Yes, Senator' and Other Phrases You Don't Learn in Business School”

Doug Curling served as the president and COO and board director of ChoicePoint, Inc. from May of 2000 until the company was sold to Reed Elsevier and his retirement on September 2008. He served as president since April 2002 and as COO since May 1999. He served as COO and treasurer from May 1999 to May 2000 and as executive vice president, CFO and treasurer of the company from 1997 until May 1999. Prior to that, he held numerous financial and information technology roles with RJR Nabisco and Equifax.

ChoicePoint, Inc. , which is now a part of the LexisNexis® Risk and Information Analytics Group, is a leading provider of decision-making information technology through the identification, retrieval, storage, analysis and delivery of data. ChoicePoint serves the informational needs of businesses of all sizes, as well as federal, state and local government agencies. In Curling's capacity, he was responsible for the day to day operations of the company and for all of ChoicePoint's sales, operations, technology, and customer service functions. He also supervised several of the staff functions including finance, investor relations and human resources.

ChoicePoint (NYSE:CPS) was a spin-off of the insurance services businesses of Equifax (NYSE:EFX) in August 1997. Curling led the effort through restructurings, divestitures and acquisitions. The business was reshaped from a low growth, low margin labor intensive business to a high growth, high margin, and technology intensive business. During this tenure, the corporation saw its market cap grow from $540 Million in 1997 to $4.1 Billion in 2008 when it was sold to Anglo/Dutch publishing giant Reed Elsevier.

ChoicePoint has over 50,000 customers and serves three principal markets: the US property and casualty insurance market (#1), the US pre-employment screening market (#1) and the US business services market (#3). In the United States property and casualty insurance market, ChoicePoint provides the technology underwriting engine and analytical models used by virtually all of the country's auto and home insurers — processing over 100 million transactions annually. Additionally, ChoicePoint is the largest purchaser of consumer data from state and federal governments at an expense of in excess of $600 Million per year.

In its pre-employment business, ChoicePoint provides background screens to 50% of the Fortune 1000, screening over six million commercial applicants in 2007. Its business services segment provides public record data to a wide variety of mostly non-governmental organizations supporting M&A, legal, media and financial services customer enrollment through its on-line web based dedicated applications.

Doug is a graduate of Virginia Tech where he received his BS and MS in accounting and is a CPA. He lives in Roswell, Georgia with his wife of 28 years, Donna Adams. Doug and Donna have three college-age children: Ashley (Indiana University), Michael (UGA and Virginia Tech) and Matthew (MTSU).

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