David Peterson, Founder & Former CEO, The North Highland Company speaks at Terry Third Thursday

"Musings of a Management Consultant"

Dave is one of the founders and a former CEO of The North Highland Company. Prior to stepping down as Company CEO in 2005, he led North Highland for 13 years during a period of rapid growth and US office expansion. Dave has nearly 40 years of business experience primarily in supply chain strategy and operations. He previously held management positions with Ernst & Young, Georgia-Pacific Corporation and Arthur Andersen & Co.

He serves on a number of boards of directors including the public company Delta Apparel (DLA). He currently chairs the Board of Trustees for non-profit Literacy Action, Inc., and is active on other education and arts and culture boards.

Dave holds a B.S. in Economics and the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Florida. He is a frequent speaker on improving customer service across industry value chains.

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