The MAcc program curriculum is rigorous and seats are limited, which means that we tend to have a very competitive applicant pool.

  Class of 2015
Number of Students 191 (Spring 2015)
GMAT 610This is the average score for 2014 students. Applicants should aim to have at least a 550.(Spring 2015 admission date)
GRE Not accepted for admission
TOEFL students should have at least a 105 for admission
IELTS students should have at least a 7.5 for admission
GPA 3.2 accounting, 3.6 undergraduate (Spring 2015 admission date)
Student Demographics
Georgia 85%
U.S., Non-Georgia 8%
International 7%
Women 53%
Asian 8%
African-American 4%
Hispanic 4%
Multi-racial .5%
White 84%