This spring break program examines the past, present, and future business climate in Cuba. Students will meet with a variety of leaders and practitioners in business, law and policy, as well as the entrepreneurial scene. Additionally, students will sample the culture and cuisine, art, architecture, and more. Academic content is delivered in Athens through several pre-departure seminars, as well as in the experiential learning activities abroad.

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  • Havana, Cuba
  • ViƱales Valley, Cuba

Program Dates

March 4-10, 2017


Tim Samples, Legal Studies

Course Credit

  • INTB 5100 Special Topics in International Business (3 credits)

To Apply

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Application deadline: November 13. Apply now! Seats are limited.

Admission: Rolling September 1 through November 13. Only complete applications will be considered for admission.

* Note: This program is in the final stage of university review. Actual travel is contingent upon full approval.